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  • City: Skalka, Kremnica
  • Zip code: 96 701
  • Phone:  +421 901 752 552
  • Email: info@skalkaarena.sk
  • Web: www.skalkaarena.sk
  • GPS: 48°44’23.07″N 18°59’21.01″E


Skalka 261 354 2 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaSkalka Arena ski resort is located in the Kremnické vrchy near the medieval royal mining town of Kremnica. The ski resort is directly below Skalka mountain. Skalka is the seventh highest peak of the Kremnické vrchy. It is the only Slovak glacier with an altitude of 1,252 above sea level. The surroundings are exceptionally beautiful and very attractive for history and architecture lovers as well. It is quite easy to identify Skalka because of the transmission centre on Suchá hora with a 300 meters high transmitter mast.

Skala 4 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaFree parking in a large car park is available near the main cableway terminal. The Skalka Arena centre offers a wide range of gourmet foods in two places within the area. Straight in the resort, we offer a number of accommodation (Mountain cottage LIMBA) options. If you decide so, just fasten your skis and dash down the slopes of various difficulty levels.

Skalka 3 689 2 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaThe resort offers 5.5 kilometres of ski slopes together on 8 trails, two of which are blue, four red and two black. All ski trails are high quality groomed and meet the requirements of the most demanding skiers. In case, you are not the pros for whom the slope is a second home, Skalka Arena is the perfect place to awake your passion for skiing. We also keep in mind the snowboard enthusiasts, for whom we have reserved enough space.

Skalfka 291 476 2 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaIn addition to traditional downhill skiing, winter sports lovers can enjoy nearly 60 km of cross-country trails in Skalka pri Kremnici, suitable for beginners as well as for fans of this classic sport. Cross-country trails are certified by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and Euroloppet. More and more popular becomes an internationally recognised endurance run Biela stopa (White Track), held annually in Skalka pri Kremnici the last weekend in January (40th in 2012).

After wonderful skiing and playing in the snow, visitors will appreciate Relax centrum available directly in the resort. Enjoy yourself in one of five saunas, swimming in the pool with attractions or playing bowling. For the relentless, a multi-purpose hall, squash and fitness centre are available.


Service                                                                                                                       Note

  • Ski and snowboard school                                                                        Snowmaking
  • Ski kindergarten                                                                                          
  • Ski service
  • Ski and snowboard rental
  • Snowpark F.R.S.T.
  • Coffee bar
  • Restaurant

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Tourist attractions:

turcianske teplice1 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaSpa & Aqupapark Turčianske Teplice -  a complex with several water slides, open all year round. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools provide an ideal place for relaxation, complete recovery and treatment for all ages. Thermal mineral springs reach temperatures from 33° to 42° C.

sklene teplice 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaSklené Teplice – one of the oldest spas (since 1350) with a unique European attraction – cave steam bath. 14 springs currently rising in Sklené Teplice with temperatures from 37° to 52.3° C have a great effect on the physical and nervous system. The outdoor swimming pool is open throughout the year.
kremnica 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaKremnica – a historical mining town, where gold and silver mining began in the 10th century. The historic core of the city features the city castle, St Catherine’s Gothic church from the 15th century (with a unique organ) and St. Andrew’s charnel house from the 13th century. The mint in Kremnica, with its continuous operation since its foundation in 1329, is really unique among European mints.

banska stiavnica 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaBanská Štiavnica – a historical mining town, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996. The town centre was founded in the 13th century. The oldest buildings are Virgin Mary’s church and Charnel house. Other historical landmarks are St Catherine´s Gothic church and the Baroque sculpture of St Trinity.

b.bystrica 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaBanská Bystrica – historical centre of the city was declared an urban conservation area in 1955. With more than 85,000 inhabitants, the city is currently an economic, administrative and cultural centre of Central Slovakia.
spania dolina 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaŠpania Dolina – a historical mining village with preserved original mining houses, a historical reserve of folk architecture, knocker from the 17th century and early Gothic Church of the Transfiguration.

hronsek 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaHronsek – a village with a rare wooden church from the 18th century, wooden belfry and two mansions. The church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
harmanecka jaskyna 190x121 Ski resort Skalka ArenaHarmanecká jaskyňa (cave) – a natural monument, discovered in 1932. The cave is primarily known for the occurrence of soft white sinter.




Information Center Kremnica

Štefánikovo nám. 35/44
967 01 Kremnica
tel: +421 45 6744 388
fax: +421 45 6742 856



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