Castles and mansions

Castles and mansions have played a significant role in the history of our country and our nation. They are memorials of the political, military, economic and cultural development, more often in a negative than positive meaning. Today we see them as monumental and representative witnesses of ancient times, originated in this part of Europe. Although served the exploitative social formations, our society has a responsible attitude towards them and provides proper maintenance. They are reconstructed, restored, rebuilt and used as museums, exhibition and entertainment facilities or recreation and health centres. They are eventually seen as unique decoration incorporated into the picturesque Slovak landscape. The scenic ruins and preserved structures have become an integral part of our country and our lives. After 1948, most of these buildings underwent the conservation to extend their life. The most precious have been declared national monuments for their exceptional value.


Slovakia has over 6200 known caves and most of these are situated in the Slovak Karst, Low Tatras, Spiš-Gemer Karst (Slovak Paradise, Muráň Plateau), Great Fatra and High Tatras. Bystrianska Cave, Demänovská Ice Cave, Demänovská Cave of Liberty and Demänovská Cave of Peace are the most widely known caves in the region of the Low Tatras.

  • Spiš Castle

    The ruins of Spišský hrad (Spiš Castle), one of the most valuable monuments of Spiš, are located at an altitude of 634 metres on a limestone cliff above the town of Spišské Podhradie

  • Strečno Castle

    translates to...Len 7 km od Žiliny, na brehu rieky Váh, nad obcou Strečno, na vysokom brale vo výške 420 m n.m sa nachádza stredoveký hrad Strečno. Vznikol v prvej polovici 14. storočia na staršom základe, pravdepodobne slovanského hradiska. Založenie hradu sa pripisuje rodine Balašovcov.

  • Castle Topoľčianky

    The village of Topoľčianky lies in the valley of the Žitava River, surrounded by the Tríbeč Mountain Range in the northwest and the Pohronský Inovec in the east, 36 km from Nitra. A monumental Classicistic chateau scenically fits into a large English park situated at the northern end of the village.

  • Castle Zvolen

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  • Devin Castle

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  • Orava Castle

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  • Bratislava castle

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  • Manor Beladice

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  • Katedrála sv. Emeráma v Nitre

    Katedrála sv. Emeráma, biskupa – mučeníka, je najstarším diecéznym chrámom na Slovensku. Je sídlom biskupa, strediskom duchovného života, cirkevnej správy celej diecézy a symbolizuje učiteľský úrad biskupa.

  • Cave Domica

    Domica Cave is located close to the state border with Hungary, on the southwest edge of the Silická Plateau in…