Greater Fatra

91 190x121 Greater FatraThe Greater Fatra is one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia, situated between central and north-western Slovakia, within the Liptov, Orava, Turiec and Horehronie regions. It is bordered by the Low Tatras to the east, Kremnické vrchy to the south, Lesser Fatra to the north and Turčianska kotlina (basin) to the west. Its highest peak is Ostredok (1,592 m). With an area of 40, 371 hectares, it was in 2002 declared a national park – Národný park Veľká Fatra (NPVF). Diver111 190x121 Greater Fatrasified and almost unspoiled nature of Carpathian type has been preserved here. Beech and spruce forests, with a network of hiking trails, create pleasing environment for moderate hikes and trips. It is a popular tourist area: in the summer for its beautiful valleys (Ľubochnianska, Belianska, Blatnická and Žarnovická) and cultural-historical monuments (Vlkolínec, Harmanecká jaskyňa), in the winter for its ski resorts (Jasenská dolina, PARK SNOW Donovaly, Skipark – Ružomberok).



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