Thermal pool Podhájska

kúpalisko4 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska Podhájska Thermal Park offers visitors the opportunity for recreation in the summer, as well as in the winter. Its clients are not only Slovaks, but also tourists from Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and many other countries.

Visitors can enjoy 10 pools with water temperature between 26 to 38°C and a water slide in the summer. The pools are filled with unique thermal water comparable to water from the Dead Sea. Thermal salt water has a temperature of 80°C, emerges from the depth of 1900 m and has beneficial effects on people with bronchial illnesses and problems with the respiratory system. It contains lithium, which has healing effects in the treatment of arthritis, iodides that stimulate the thyroid gland, calcium compounds that speed up the healing of fractured bones and sulphates that help cure eczema. Thermal water also has positive effects on people suffering from rheumatism, vascular and joint diseases and persisting back pains. Additional services such as massages, baths in whirlpool tubs and tubs with geothermal water, sauna, fitness, beauticians and hair saloons are at the disposal of guests in this recreational facility.kúpalisko 15 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska

Catering services are provided by Jazmín restaurant with a seating capacity for 80 people. The restaurant has a large selection of national and international dishes. A newly built food center provides fast food stalls for the visitors.

Accommodation on the park grounds is provided by Hotel Borinka*** and in bungalows. The newly built Saint Urban Camping Park is situated above the thermal park area. This camping park is ranked 4* and has the capacity for 40 caravans and 100 tent units.

During summer weekends – June to August – various music and folk bands perform here at an event called Music Summer.

Information Center: tel.: +421 35 6586 133


Accommodation in PODHÁJSKA :                                                            Accommodation in surroundings :

- Pensions  ENERGY I, II                                                                                - Pension MICHAELA ( Dolný Oháj)

kúpalisko 2 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska kúpalisko 4 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska kúpalisko 31 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska


Summer season 2012

Opening Hours (od 04. 06. 2012 do 16. 09. 2012)

Monday : 13.00 – 19.00  ,  Tuesday-Sunday : 09:00 – 19:00


Prices for 2012:


(01. 05.

03. 06.)

(01. 05.

03. 06.)*

(04. 06.

16. 09.)

(04. 06.

16. 09.)*

(04. 06.

16. 09.)



and holidays

adults  4,70 € 3,00 €   5,50€ 3,50€ 4,70€ 6,00 € 
disabled  4,00 € 3,00 €   5,00€  3,50 € 4,00 €  5,50 €/ 
 children under 15 years  3,20€  2,50€  3,50 € 2,50 €  3,20 €  5,50 € 
children under 3 years  free  free free   free free 

 * – Prices input 2 hours before closing time


Wellness centrum Aquamarin

The Aquamarin wellness center offers a wide range of recreational services. This wellness center has outdoor and indoor pools, the world of vitality, Hammam Turkish baths, rest areas, a botanical garden and a coffee house. The indoor pool complex consists of the main recreational pool with many water features, including the wild river, massage jets, a waterfall and a pool bar.

The indoor water world offers guests two whirlpool tubs and a children’s pool. The outdoor area provides visitors the possibility to relax in thermal pools that contain strongly mineralized water with similar components as the water from the Dead Sea.

The world of vitality offers many procedures for the overall relaxation of the body and an immunity boost – a sauna complex (Finnish sauna, bio sauna, salt inhalation, herb inhalation), attraction shower, tepidarium, cooling pool, icefall and more.


aquamarin 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin1 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin4 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin2 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin3 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin5 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin6 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin7 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska aquamarin8 190x121 Thermal pool Podhájska  


Opening Hours

Monday : 13:00 – 21:00, Tuesday – Sunday : 09:00 – 21:00


Price list :


(3-14 years)

Water world – 3 hours

 11 € 7 € 

All-day entry into the

pool of the world

 20 €  12 €

Vital World – 1 hour

(separate entrance)

 9 €  -

Vital World – a single input

(supplement to the world of pool)

 6 € -


- Surcharge for every started half an hour after the time of entry into the pool of the world up to the day ticket prices: Adults-1,50 € , Children-1 €

- Surcharge for every started half an hour after the time of entry into the vital world: Adults-4 €

- GROUP DISCOUNTS : 10% discount on entry into the pool of the world for groups over 20 persons