Pieniny – Zamagurie

Pieniny Tri koruny 8001 190x121 Pieniny   ZamagurieThe wild and mysterious Pieniny Mountains and the distinctive region of Zamagurie are situated in the northern part of the Spiš region. In the south, it is bordered by the Dunajec River which on its rocky rampart creates a unique piece of nature – the Dunajec River Gorge between the villages of Červený Kláštor (Red Monastery) and Lesnica. Two national parks are located in the Pieniny; it is Pieninski Park Narodowy (PPN) in Poland and Pieninský národný park (PIENAP) in Slovakia. With an area of 3,750 hectares, PIENAP is the smallest national park in Slovakia.

Zamagurie is part of the protected area of Pieninský národný park (Pieniny National Park), which attracts tourists with its natural beauties, cultural values and especially the abundance of its plant and animal species. Pieniny National Park offers a variety of hiking trails in the beautiful countryside, with opportunities for recreation, hiking, cultural activities and winter and summer sports.

The biggest tourist attraction is rafting down the River Dunajec on traditional wooden rafts from Červený Kláštor to Lesnice, through the largest canyon in central Europe. In winter you surely appreciate ski resorts in close vicinity with about 25 ski lifts (Litmanová, Vyšné Ružbachy). The Horný Spiš region also offers several attractions for history lovers. The natural centre of the Pieniny is the village of Červený Kláštor with a monastery from the 14th century. One of the monastery legends is the Friar Cyprian, a pharmacist, herbalist and design engineer. The monastery houses the Ethnographic Museum open daily to the public. Ľubovniansky hrad is a medieval castle rising above the town of Stará Ľubovňa. In the neighbouring area are also other remarkable historical sights (Spiš Castle, City Castle in Kežmarok, St. James’s Church in Levoča).