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Szilvásvárad is found in Heves county, at the bottom of the Bükk. The village is above the sea level with 345 ms, and got its name from the slavic earth forts, and by the time being it is a well-known holiday centre. Int he village the Szalajka- valley can be found, which is the part of the National Park of the Bükk, so this area is a conservation area.

There are a very few settlements that despite their size (this village counts about 1749 people) are keeping so many presents of the nature and human soul as Szilvásvárad. Szilvásvárad is a lived place since ancient times that is proved by the paleolit findings at the cave of Istállós-kő. Around 1300 Wárad is mentioned in writing, but Éleskővár was established so much earlier.

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According to historical evidences Leslie the Great also liked to stay here. The main cost of living was the woods. Next to the works in the wood the ashery, mine processing and tile fabrication gave workplaces to people. Today the tourism is the main business.

Those who visit this place can enjoy the beautiful environment, the fresh air, the calmness, the silence of the woods and the roaring of the streams. Int he area of the National Park of the Bükk the Szalajka-valley can be walked around, or the dinkey lines can be used to look for the lakes full of fingerlings, the Gossamer-Cascade that falls down on individually wonderful naturalistic formations made of cinder, the open-air forestal museum, the forestry museum, and the safari park.

Appointed tourist lines help the nature-lovers to get to the Ancient Woods, to the lookout turret and caves. Szilvásvárad also gives a home of the world-famous Stud-farm of Lipica. To see the lairage, the museum or the browsing stud-farm gives an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, here can be found the one and only Calvinistic Church on a circle basement in Hungary, and at the end of the tourist path to the Bükk the look-out tower of the Millennium, the Museum of the Blockhouse, but also a local historical exhibition waits for the guests.

For those who love sports, at winter a ski-possibility with a snow-gun and an elevator awaits for the guests, but in Hungary’s first adventure park there are a lots of challenge and the single-valve bob field is also a rarity. Those who loves extreme sports can find the best possibility for themselves, just as those, who just would like to ride a horse or try how to drive a coach.

On a few-days-trip not only the natural beauties but also the history and the culture of the village can be seen. The village offers culinary experiences, just mention the fingerling that is excellent even as baked or smoked, but do not miss the specialities that are made with club-top mushroom.