• Pieniny – Zamagurie

    The wild and mysterious Pieniny Mountains and the distinctive region of Zamagurie are situated in the northern part of the Spiš region. In the south, it is bordered by the Dunajec River which on its rocky rampart creates a unique piece of nature - the Dunajec River Gorge between the villages of Červený Kláštor (Red Monastery) and Lesnica.

  • Greater Fatra

    The Greater Fatra is one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia, situated between central and north-western Slovakia, within the Liptov, Orava, Turiec and Horehronie regions.

  • Water reservoir – Liptovská Mara

    The largest water reservoir in Slovakia - Liptovská Mara, near Liptovský Mikuláš, was built between 1965 and 1975. The dam has an area of 22 square kilometres with a maximum depth of 43 metres. Due to its size, it deserves a worthy attribute - Slovenské or Liptovské more (the Slovak Sea).

  • Thermal pool Podhájska

    Podhájska Thermal Park offers visitors the opportunity for recreation in the summer, as well as in the winter. Its clients are not only Slovaks, but also tourists from Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and many other countries.

  • Cycling in Liptov

    With about 500 km of marked cycle routes, Liptov provides optimal conditions for road bike lovers. In larger cities and in the adjoining tourist locations you can rent a bike and then choose between road and mountain trails.

  • Zobor Peak

    Zobor Peak, which rises above the town of Nitra, is 587 meters high. The Tríbeč Mountain Range stretches along the peak. Zobor educational trail is designed for recreational hiking.

  • Slovak Paradise

    Slovak Paradise National Park is located in the eastern part of Slovakia, in the Spiš region, south of the Hornád Basin. It has an area of about 210 km² and forests cover up to 90% of its territory. It is located within the territory of the districts of Spišská Nová Ves, Poprad and Rožňava.

  • Tourism in Liptov

    Liptov’s natural and cultural treasures along with the many recreational facilities attract a lot of tourists. Fans of ski touring,…

  • Orava (reservoir)

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